HorrorMaker Episode 5: Christian James

Join independent horror filmmakers in frank discussion about the highs and lows of the movie world. Here, our regular host Pat Higgins (“The Devil’s Music”, “Strippers vs Werewolves”) interviews Christian James (“Freak Out”, “Stalled”) about his life in movies and his new flick “Fanged Up”, which premieres at this month’s FrightFest festival in London!

Like our guest from Episode 4, Dan Palmer, Christian burst onto the scene with the unique independent horror comedy Freak Out. Since then, he’s proven himself to be one of the most distinctive directing talents on the scene, bringing emotional intelligence and genuine belly-laughs into a series of increasingly ambitious horrors.

Don’t miss this extended chat with Pat Higgins, available right here, right now.

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Christian James Stalled


HorrorMaker Episode 4: Dan Palmer

Dan Palmer rocks. You probably don’t need us to tell you that. A funny and engaging presence onscreen and a smart and accomplished writer off-screen, his contributions to the independent horror scene in the UK over the last few years really can’t be overstated.

From his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it debut in Edgar Wright’s A FISTFUL OF FINGERS through to his superb central turn in cracking zombie comedy STALLED, Dan has proved a force to be reckoned with.

Check out this informative, funny chat with our own Pat Higgins (HELLBRIDE, KILLERKILLER) as Dan covers the past, present and future and throws in some recommendations for those hoping to follow in his footsteps.

HorrorMaker Episode 3: MJ Dixon

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If you haven’t yet checked out our HorrorMaker podcast, what the hell are you waiting for? We’re up to Episode 3, which just dropped this morning.

This episode features the amazing MJ Dixon, CEO of Mycho Pictures, telling the story of how he built an entire shared horror universe.

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HorrorMaker Episode 2: Alan Ronald

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Independent horror filmmakers in conversation! Listen to Alan Ronald, (the creator of the utterly unique JESUS VS THE MESSIAH, and co-creator of the DEATH TALES movies) in conversation with resident HorrorMaker host Pat Higgins (writer/director of THE DEVIL’S MUSIC, original writer of STRIPPERS VS WEREWOLVES and many others).

In this episode, our indie directors focus on turning your fears into strengths. Hear how Al’s religious upbringing fuelled his incredible debut feature (in which a man claiming to be Jesus is pursued by a sinister hitman known only as The Messiah). Check it out!


HorrorMaker Episode 1: Marc Price

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Independent horror filmmakers in conversation! Listen to Marc Price, (the visionary director of the notorious £45 zombie movie COLIN, which was distributed worldwide despite its tiny, tiny budget) in conversation with resident HorrorMaker host Pat Higgins (writer/director of THE DEVIL’S MUSIC, co-creator of the DEATH TALES movies and many others).

Marc’s movie “wowed the critics at Cannes” according to The Guardian. It received incredible coverage, everyone from CNN through to Sky News. It would have been a stunning achievement for a film that cost several thousand times as much as it did. For a movie that had a production budget so low that you could conceivably spend more money going to see it at the cinema than it actually cost to produce, it was one of the more remarkable moments in contemporary indie cinema. His stunning, dark and incredibly human second movie, Magpie, is now available to watch on Amazon Prime (free to subscribers)


Throw into the mix the fact that Marc is one of the nicest and most genuine people that we’ve ever been lucky enough to chat to, and this is a podcast you won’t want to miss. So don’t miss it! It’s right here, right now! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

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Our intrepid indie auteurs discuss ‘the spark’ of creativity, along with various sidetracks about distribution, bald spots, looking cool with a megaphone and how to actually make money from indie horror. Enjoy.