Welcome to HorrorMaker – A new podcast celebrating the people who make independent horror cinema!

Hosted by Pat Higgins, the guy who is typing this bit and is therefore somewhat concerned about whether to blow his own trumpet about the interesting stuff he’s done in the past or to play it cool. And is now somewhat stuck talking about himself in third person, which is a ball-ache, too.

Sod it, shall we start again?

Hi, I’m Pat Higgins. I write the words for horror movies, and sometimes write and produce them. Like all things in life, sometimes this goes well and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s still an awesome way to make a living, either way.

Here I get the chance to chat to other writers, directors and producers about their own experiences. From MJ Dixon (who created an entire universe of interconnected horror across a whole slate of feature films) to Marc Price (who made a zombie movie for £45 which ended up getting an international cinema release), these are the tales from the trenches of filmmakers who’ve gone out and got fake blood on the lens for themselves.

Hope you dig it.